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OboeTronics is Glenda's ongoing electroacoustic solo project

which curates composed and improvisational music for oboe with soundtracks or electronics.

Below are selected recordings from live shows.


The soloist, in this case Glenda on oboe, improvises freely with the electronic soundscape created by composer Daria Semegen.

Live performance recorded at Center for New Music in San Francisco on October 25, 2019.

Molto Espressivo from Bargello

by Daria Semegen

Beyond Walkabout, for Trio Electrique and OboeTronics 
by E. Doctor Smith

Originally written for E. Doctor Smith's band Trio Electrique, Glenda joins the group as OboeTronics to improvise a live version of the tune. 

Live performance recorded at Center for New Music in San Francisco in February 2020.

The structure, mood, and narrative of the musical composition is based on a poem by Rumi (below), following its three sections. The melody in the beginning is based on the Iranian folk song "Sari Galin". The second section forays into atonality, while the third section, inspired by Pink Floyd, requires the oboist to improvise with the electronic soundscape. This recording is of the premier performance at Napa Valley College in 2016. 


Tied Up for Oboe and Electronic Soundtrack

by Mazdak Khamda

Desires come, my wishes and longing.

I am tied up, knot on top of knot.

Then you that untie me come.

enough talk of being on the "path."

Let the way itself arrive.


The Garden of Love for oboe and boombox

by Jacob TV (Jacob Ter Veldhuis)

This is the work that started it all - the first electro-acoustic work for oboe that I felt compelled to play. I so enjoyed learning and performing this piece, I sought out as many works for oboe and tape/soundtracks as I could, thus spawning my OboeTronics endeavor. 

This piece is based on a poem by William Blake, who also did the woodblock print of this poem in his "Songs of Innocence and Experience". 

Recorded live December 2014, Wang Chapel, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY. 

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