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Premieres of new works by Contemporary Composers

Glenda has collaborated with composers throughout her career to present new works for oboe and English horn

Eldad Tarmu

“Truth Serum” for oboe and vibraphone, 2020

“Winter Migrant” suite for oboe/English horn and vibraphone, 2020

“Beneath the Gloss and Shine” English horn and vibraphone, 2020

“Jitney to Jersey” for oboe and vibraphone, 2017

“Powder Blue Waltz” for flute, oboe, clarinet, and vibraphone 2017

“We all Knew” for flute, oboe, clarinet, and vibraphone 2017

“Truth Serum” for flute, oboe, clarinet, and vibraphone 2017
“Caravaggio” for Woodwind Quintet, 2012
“Guarding the Queen of Bohemia” for woodwind quintet and vibraphone, 2012 

“The Stained Glass Story” for Woodwind Quintet Featuring solo English horn, 2011 


Glenda Bates

“Spacewalk Blues” for oboe and string trio 2019

“Spacewalk Blues” for woodwind trio and vibraphone 2017

“Wanderin’ Blues” 2016 (song) 

“Spacewalk Blues” (Jazztet Original Version) 2016
“The Crunchy Blues” 2015 

Dozens of Children’s songs 2017-2021 (inquire for full list)


Mazdak Khamda

“Nocturne” for Oboe and Harp, 2016

“Tied Up” for Oboe and Electronic Soundtrack, 2016
“Three Pieces for Solo English horn”, 2014 


James Deitz
“Moviena al Silencia” for amplified oboe, 2015 

“I for III” for flute, oboe, and clarinet, 2014
“One had nothing to do with this, but only your hands can bring it to life” for chamber ensemble, 2014 


Adam Theis
“Moon Day Night” for Jazz Orchestra, December 2014 


Mark Rosenburg

“Somewhat Blue” for Jazz Orchestra, 2014 


Claire Phillips

“Moon” for Jazz Orchestra, 2014


Robert Wright
“Serenade” for flute, oboe, clarinet, strings, harp, and percussion, 2014 


Perry Goldstein
“Kaleidoscope” for Woodwind Quintet, Monday April 29, 2013 

“Lessons From the Master” for Oboe Band (2 oboes, English horn, Bassoon), 2011


Tomek Regulski
“Wind” for Solo Baroque Oboe (or English horn), November 16, 2012 

“Wind Quintet” for Woodwind Quintet, 2009

Michael Cummings
“For One Last Chance...” for Oboe, English horn, Bari Sax, and Double Bass, 2011 


Rihards Dubras
“Adagio Apassionato” for Wind Orchestra, 2012 


Peter Winkler
“The Fox Fables” Opera, Symphony Space, New York, 2011 


J.M. Gerraughty
“Come” for Oboe Band, 2011 


Andrea Daly
“Wind Trio” for Oboe, English horn, and Clarinet, 2011 


Timothy Vallier
“Rubber Petals” for Oboe Band, 2011 


Karl Hinze
“Once, and Again” for Oboe Band, 2011 


Robert Gibson
“The Sound of Light” for Wind Orchestra, 2010 


Justin Lewis
“Sonatina” for Oboe and Piano, 2003 

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